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The European Private Placement Association (EUPPA) has as its prime objective creating, developing and maintaining a Pan-European market for ‘private placements’ . For the purposes of EUPPA, private placements are medium or long-term corporate debt transactions provided by a small number of institutional investors, based on deal-specific negotiated documentation, generally but not necessarily with the participation of one or more bank intermediaries as arranger(s).

EUPPA is an organisation focussing on the interests of institutional investors, providing access to a community of investors and financial institutions who share information and work towards the development of industry standards in the Pan-European Private Placement market. EUPPA is currently represented in working groups established by ICMA and LMA (e.g. the steering committee of the ICMA-led Pan-European Private Placement Working Group). Members are able to participate in lobbying activities undertaken by EUPPA, gain access to publications and market information gathered by EUPPA and are better able to help shape the growing Pan-European Private Placement market.

EUPPA is an association (vereniging) under Dutch law. The articles of association are available here.

‘European Private Placement Association’ is a Community Trade Mark registered under number 011568251.

EUPPA is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands under number 61458120.


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